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20 January 2010 @ 09:44 pm
rules for the Chloe Globes  

Welcome! Are you as excited as we are to start handing out Chloe Globes to your favorite Chloe-aholics? You should be. This is the award ceremony of the year. Where elegance, intelligence, truth, justice, and most of all snark walk the red carpet.

Please be sure to read the rules and follow guidelines when nominating and/or voting. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please comment here and a mod will respond to you as soon as possible.

1. First and foremost it needs to be said that this is a Chloe Sullivan friendly zone. If you don't like/appreciate/respect the character then please go elsewhere. Bashing, baiting, fighting, etc., is absolutely not allowed, and you will be banned. End of story. We're sorry to have such a strict policy but we just want to celebrate those dedicated to adding/continuing/examining the character, rather than participating in fueling the flames of the fandom.

2. These awards are in celebration of Chloe Sullivan and those authors, artists, vidders, and fans who love her, therefore all nominations in all mediums must relate to Chloe. This means she must be the main focus.

3. All Chloe related pairings are allowed. This includes canon, non-canon, slash, crossover, etc. Please remember however that Chloe should still be the main focus. Ineligible example: Clark stops in Metropolis to hook up with Chloe, then the story follows him and doesn't mention her again. Eligible example: Chloe hooks up with Clark when he stops by Metropolis and it follows Chloe as she deals with the situation.

4. Nominations will happen in three sections with sub-sections. Below are the preliminary parts, more details to come:
Part One: Fanfiction
Part Two: Art
Part Three: Videos

4. Please use the following formats when nominating:
Pairing (if any):



Links MUST be included, otherwise your nomination will not be counted.

5. Who can nominate? Anyone.

6. FAQ's: (coming soon!)

We'll be updating this and will let you know of any major rule changes!

Reading is life... :): Cheersmonicaop on January 21st, 2010 04:09 pm (UTC)
You are welcome :D hugs!!